Hurtful (and untrue)

The reviews are in and according to my family last week’s newsletter was “a lot of boring stuff about comics”. I am shocked, saddened, and frankly surprised at their judgement. I worry they’ll be eviserating me on Goodreads next. Don’t they realise that at least 50% of my existence is “a lot of boring stuff about comics”? What do they think I do in the studio all day. Nap? Well, that accounts for the other 45% of my existence. The remaining 5% is family life.

Who, I ask, doesn’t want to hear me whine about how boring scanning artwork is? That is relatable content to the 1% of people to whom it is relatable. In order to prove that my life does not entirely revolve around them, the 5% part anyway, I am going to touch on a subject close to all our hearts: Alan.

Amongst the correspondence I’m deluged with each week are frequent demands for an update on Alan’s progress at university. From what I gather from the Facetime chats with our daughter, Alan prefers to keep himself to himself. He sits silently in the background. Sometimes I think he is judging me. I do occasionally worry my daughter is sharing her accomodation with a “troubled loner”. More likely being the only male in a flat inhabited by intelligent young women, he’s learned to keep his gob shut.

We occasionally get a close up look at him and an assessment is made as to the status of his hydration. Too much is not good for his health. I feel that is a concern common to all parents of college age kids. Just how much are they drinking? The answer is invariably too much but with Alan it is often not enough. It’s a fine line between dehydration and a wet bottom.

As it stands I am happy to report he is in good health. He’s less pale and less dusty than in the past and appears to be thriving in his new life. He is fortunate to share a room with a responsible carer. I can report that no further issues of an intimate nature (that I have promised not to mention again in a public forum. Oops. Sorry, Alan) from the past have been repeated. He is now more careful in choosing his friends.

He takes an active role in all activities in the flat. At the H party (dress as something beginning with H) he wowed his fellow students by arriving as Hatshepsut, the fifth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. Despite his willingness to throw himself into the spirit of celebration some so-called friends still mistook him for a herb.

While I can neither vouch for the progress of his studies, nor the subject of his degree, or even who is paying his fees, I am certain he will make his family proud. They look forward to seeing him in mortar board and gown at graduation.

The status of his application to the next series of University Challenge is subject to an NDA. He would like me to make it clear that the rumours that he will be sitting as a mascot and not as a contestant are hurtful (and untrue).

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